Port of Larne

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK)

Two major ferry companies operate three routes from Larne in Northern Ireland. P&O Irish Sea is the main provider and runs the busy Larne to Cairnryan route and the seasonal Larne to Troon route, while Stena Line runs to Fleetwood in northwest England.

P&O Irish Sea

P&O Irish Sea operates two routes from Larne to mainland Britain, including the busiest route across the Irish Sea to Cairnryan.

Three ships operate this route with nine daily crossings in a time of just 1 hour, 45 minutes. The other service by P&O Irish Sea is the seasonal Larne to Troon route. This runs twice a day in the summer with a crossing time of 2 hours.

The European Highlander and European Causeway are both conventional yet fast ferries that operate on the Cairnryan route. These well-equipped ships can carry over 400 people and almost the same number of cars at a speed of 23 knots. Onboard facilities are very good and include: a gift shop, two lounges, a restaurant, bar, viewing decks and children's play area.

The other ship run by P&O Irish Sea from Larne is the P&O Express to Troon. This vessel is a high-speed catamaran with room for 868 passengers and 225 vehicles. The P&O Express is a passenger-only ship and also boasts excellent facilities, including shops, fast class lounge and a restaurant and bar.

Stena Line

Stena Line is one of the most successful ferry companies in Europe, with quality ships and efficient timetables. Stena operates up to three daily crossings to Fleetwood in the summer with a journey time of 8 hours. The Stena Pioneer, Leader and Seafarer are all conventional roll-on, roll-off ferries with quality ensuite cabins, comfortable lounges, shopping and dining areas and a bar.

Larne Port

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